Machine With the development of our national economy, rising real estate, highway industry, the demand for quantity and quality of the sand is also becoming higher, but to meet the demand for less, we must develop new resources, artificial sand is emerge as the times require these factors in sand production. artificial, can not only VSI sand making machine can be used in the production of materials and waste of mineral resources and fully, to increase revenue, protect environment, but also of a sudden a number of things. Therefore, in the production of artificial sand in our country is to promote and encourage the development of artificial sand. At present, the technology of domestic production in China is becoming more mature, technology and artificial sand production equipment is imperative, the development of artificial sand. Shanghai SBM Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large mining machinery and equipment import and export base of national production, is, large standardized scale, specialized production equipment manufacturers . SMG crusher c Series is a production of SBM VSI sand making machine in Shanghai, which offers higher capacity, better product shape texture, and easy to control ler, by selecting the room type and the eccentric grinding distance is appropriate, maximum reliability and flexibility, can produce the maximum to meet customer requirements, to achieve high actual performance, creating more value for customers . At present, the company has a cone crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher series, such as various types of high performance VSI sand making machine, has the advantages of operation simple, high degree of automation, greatly enhance the effectiveness of sand, product size is more uniform, high-efficiency long-time stable work, the ability to adapt to the environment, economic development advantage obvious.